Dear Chloe...

I suppose that paisley chiffon dresses and blouses are about as business savvy as you can get this season. And Paulo Melim-Andersson's fall Chloe collection is just as pretty as can be. Micro-flower prints and embroidery tights, paired with pointy-toe stilettos with an ankle cuff, to die for! I need those in my life... And then there's the booties with 3-D leaves sort of like ivy moving up the shoe, clever; very clever... Another favorite is the wool fall jacket with the crop sleeves and fur lined neck, and the sequin embroidery on the jacket, just stunning, exudes elegance.... Melin Anderson makes this collection all about cobalt blue, teal, oyster, periwinkle, plum, gray, black, hints of sage and buttercup, beige, pearl and lavender exuding an appearance of gathering midnight stars with all of the details and floral combinations... & I ♥ !!

♥ x styliiista

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Brandi said...

I'm in such awwww!!!!