1920's Revisited...

With Milan Fashion Week complete and the teamwork of designer duo Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi center stage, who would have known that they would ditch their former identity (named 6267 in 2005) and re-create their Italian label into: Aquilano and Rimondi? Here's an introduction into their Spring 2009 collection... It's a sexy twist of 1920's flapper gal in tiered fringe jackets and skirts worn with satin palazzo pants... Also including a hint of 1970's gypsy queen in flashy sequined blouses with chunky beaded bangles and necklaces reminiscent of the musical era of Chaka Khan and The Pointer Sister's (late 1970's & 80's.) I'm really feeling the skinny waist belts and structured dresses layered up it's a very sexy idea. Stay tuned... more fierceness awaits!

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♥ x styliiista

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