Poetic Justice...

Dries Van Noten (Paris designer) conveys an artsy direction for fall/winter 2008. This collection is so far left on the scale of ethnic and textured prints that it deserves an award. Noten effortlessly pairs silk genie pants with super-dyed fox chubbies, chiffon skirts and embroidered jackets. A transformed look made for Scandinavian weather. Japanese culture takes a lead in inspiration as well with the micro-print paisley silks and oversized florals. Kudos for the black socks with the multi-color leather sandals for the hobo touch. Dries Van Noten keeps this runway show poetic and brings justice to the over-compensation of hippie chic. Nice! A conceptual approach for the sometimes rather 'bland' designs of Paris sportswear collections. I'd mix and match a lot of the top looks I selected. (With other designers, waist belts and of coarse vintage pieces). Here's a brief introduction... what are your thoughts?

♥ x styliiista

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