Spats | Resurgence...

Spats which originated from the early 1920's (reformed) are the hottest thing for me right now! I just found the freshest vintage moccasin pair that I am stomping all over New York City in! (picture soon) So far, I've managed to scout a designer from London U.K that carries a 'spat' collection in various colors, styles, sizes, and leather's however, these ones are called, "Strumpets." Strumpets are designed by Elizabeth Melink and you can find purchasing information on her website. So tell me, whose your personal 'fashion connoisseur?' Pay me, and I can find you anything and everything... (wink)

Then there's Posso The Spat designed by Marylouis Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini can be purchased around the world in stores in: new york, los angeles, san diego, oregon and japan. Posso The Spat has cut-out spat boot styles, patent leather knee high joints and ankle cuff spats in super yum colors like gold and black.

Online purchasing for Posso The Spat can be made at Cyana Boutique and the prices range from $265-$315 get your money up for these! ;-)

♥ x styliiista

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