Throw-in Some Color!

It is almost winter. And everyone is over "fall" trends. But guess what... not I. Not I my friends... I am all about 'celebrating' what's hot right now... and right now, I'm in London... and it's fall and nearing the cold wintery months... so I want to focus on 'color.' cause what else can we do to lighten up our mood than throw-in some color? Especially with the dreary cold days to come... (And no, London isn't always gray.) But Sonya Rykiel is a Paris designer and even if it is snowing in France right now... she obviously knows how to LIVEN up your mood with some brilliantly colorful trend ideas... Rykiel is a super HOT pacesetter for this Fall 2008 collection!!

Stunning peach color | + lace-up platforms in peach w/ orange stripes | omg!

Fuschia leggings | well done! |

Top Hat with the black frames + just a sprinkle of orange crush | brilliant! |

Capes are heavenly right about now | & Fuschia at that... ♥ love! |

These leggings are to DIE for | reminds me of Gucci Spring 2007 (colors) |

Need this entire look in my closet! | front to back |

Two & Three Tone Leggings are the truth.. yes!

Love to sparkle in the winter!

| Clever |

Apparently it is all about colorful sequins...

Some of my favorites... | sexy draped dresses with sweeping backs |

♥ x x styliiista

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