1980's Remixed...

Let's see, it's all about the 1980's meets the 1800's celebration with this showcase... And Jeremy Scott designs his version of what happens when the 19th century joins the 21st century for a smashing runway show, at none better than Paris Fashion Week. Scott's dramatic Spring 2009 collection runs at a speed that very few streetwear designers can keep up with... once again, Jeremy Scott stays in a lane of his own... And a futuristic one it is, as he blends such dramatic time periods into a remixed 1980's rock chic theme. You can't front on Jeremy. Aside from designing for Adidas, he's from a small town in Missouri with a mind so brilliant, he's kept up with Paris Fashion Week for the past 9 years, that's 18 seasons!! Whew! He deserves ALL his shine! And once again, he kills it on the runway... Who else has HOT pink, lace up granny boots this amazing? (notice the black ones have the Adidas stripes, very fly!)

* HOT finale...Jeremy Scott poses on a giant cake! The only thing I didn't like about this show was the orchestra version of Madonna's "Material Girl." haa!

♥ xx styliiista

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