Acquaint Yourself: Jodhpur

I've discovered a trend that may be worth considering, if you are someone that feels you beat to your own (fashion) drum and create your own fashion rules, and have a personal edge on style -- I'd say go for it! Meet: jodhpur (formerly introduced as: harem pant) And if this particular style works for you, and your wardrobe, and you think it's the HOTTEST trend to hit the streets, please send me a picture of you in them, and how you rocked them, and I'll post it on my blog featuring you & your fashion story. I have to say, this look totally works for me. Enjoy!

Jodhpur: $189

Jodhpur: $189

Of coarse this is something you want to wear with confidence and your own interpretation, hence... you're original style stamp on it. I prefer the top look to the bottom, and feel the styling is the most creative with the haircut and glasses.

♥ x styliiista

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