Mod ♥ 's 60's Robots

Oh the 1960's! What can I say other than how I've been a complete fiend for all things reminiscent of the 1960's this season. It's no surprise the spotlight is on Mary Katrantzou. A newly merging designer that illustrates for spring 2009 how her inspiration from robots, constructivism, and the 1960's influenced her collection. "Katrantzou" uses *bold* adornment of 'trompe l’oeil' accessories (influenced from the era's of the 20's and 30's...) and drapes them beautifully over her glamorous body conscious dresses. Her collection is elegant, old world..although POP inspired and collective in design and consumer appeal. Her dresses are form fitting with baroque finishing and unique detailing. I'm not sure whether I adore the style, or the acid-pop colors more?

♥ xo styliiista

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