The Un-signed Hype

Swedish Fashion Week offers so many surprises! Spring 2009 is bursting with authentic designers such as design label "Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair." F.A.S.R began in 2004, as a new collection with an old soul. Understanding the layers to their origination, it's no shock to know their dedication to old world and classic style is the true intention behind their design movement. Maintaining classic craftsmanship and original tailoring is the motivation behind design duo Astrid Olsson and Lee Carter's alluring collection, and it's one that I can't keep my eyes off of. In the lusciousness of the fabrics, not only are the jersey textures draped to perfection, but it's also the form, fit, and structure of their pieces crafted in a classic pattern making cut, which sets them apart so dynamically. Yes, Sweden has various rising fashion designers, yet Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is one that pushes the envelope of invention and creativity. Clearly, this is a label with standing power. As history tells it, "Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair" began as a simple shoemaker shop in London several generations ago...and look at what impact it's made on history. There's no wonder why you may sense a stroke of genius in all that embodies their collection, indeed it boasts a bit of depth with all of this history!

♥ xx styliiista xx

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