Black is the New Sexy

Black is sexy.. let's face it. British designer Hannah Marshall (26 years old) has brilliantly introduced a reinvention of the 'little black' dress... yet this time it's her way. Not only does Marshall fuse architectural cuts and precise seam lines in her shapes and dress form, but she uses a technique that has not been practiced yet (in the fashion environment that we live in.) Marshall is about to change history! Her luxury contemporary label is all about innovation... and infusing a Braille coding into her pieces, each one of her garments are inventive and encoded with a hidden message. Wow! This concept began with Marshall's curiosity of blending clothing with communication in a new technology kind of way. As her website says, "Coupled with this is the intention to evolve a search for new and innovative aesthetics, the result being an intimate language of silhouette and message to be deciphered only by the wearer. This language is conveyed through the juxtaposition of leather and silk along with a fine sense of colour and obligatory black at the forefront of each collection." Phenomenal! Yes, she gives us many reasons to honor the new code, "Black is the New Sexy!" Marshall is a true innovator to the umphteenth power!!!! I ♥ her movement. I thought you would too.

♥ xo styliiista

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