Boudicca: Pacesetter

Boudicaa is a *phenomenal* designer with a history of showing in Paris....Yet has decided to change their pace this season. The concept of refusal to show for PFW is to outline Boudicca's collection as a free and inspired source of imagery... The idea is to interpret that the label doesn't have to be shown at Paris Fashion Week in order to be a justified COUTURE collection. Here's what Boudicca had to say about it, "The site will present an initial look at ideas around COUTURE that have found a certain freedom by not having to be made into the finest fabrics and construction that BOUDICCA are known for. This is a freedom that allowed us to create an image, build a moment of beauty that does not have to walk down a catwalk to exist and feel impact." ♥ !

♥ x styliiista

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