Galactic Body Armor...

Eye spy with my eye, total hotness! This galactic body armor representation may have well been quoted for Fall 2008, yet it still holds strong value for Spring 2009... just look at the hair and the headpieces! There is a meticulous sense of pompadoured expression with the hair visuals and coiffed sleekness below. A true avant garde collection worthy of notoriety (wish I remembered the designer involved...sorry, this is rare for me)... The point is, this fashion story is introduced as, "Armour Karma" and yes, it is so *fierce* it shall be further recognized as we move past Spring 09 and onto A/W 2009. Yes, 110% worthy! I ♥ collection from front to end...let us, keep the candle burning....xx

Model: Katy Beal, Emma Beam, Silje Skolseg
Photographer: Kah Poon

♥ x styliiista x

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