Shoe War

Put down your guys, and on your heels! Could these original gun-inspired platforms (high on the scale of military influence) be any FLYER? I am ♥ (ing) the top spectator cut-out pair. Truly one of a kind! After hours of in-depth research, I discovered that although I was deeply pulled into this topic... I managed to scout the goods, then forget to write down the names of all (3) designers. Oi! And for the record, just in case I didn't express my ultimate joy in finding such a masterpiece set of ways to distract my brain into making unnecessary purchases.... it's a beautiful thing that I do not know where I can buy these. Needless to say my love, this topic isn't finished. I shall revisit this trend yet again... soon. x

Madonna rocks the gun heel!!

♥ x styliiista x

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