Pacesetter: Kristian Aadneivk

Oi! Kristian Aadnevik is such an amazing designer! He is the KING of whimsical and form encompassing dresses... intrinsically corseted and adorned tightly to the skin to enhance the woman form. His style is so right Now. Aadnevik's application in dressmaking is advanced, strategic and truly one of my favorite collections for spring and fall 2009. These pieces are next level innovative in new wave collective wear. ♥ his lookbook! He's been featured in magazines such as: cover, surface, costume, bazaar, elle, sam, luxure, wound, faces, pd, all access, gloss, bon, vogue, nylon, grazia, made, fashion tale, zinc, and vanity fair. Kristian Aadnevik is a phenomenal specimen. Hands down...

♥ xox styliiista

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