Well, Ashish certainly isn't one to apologize for his quirky design antics. This exquisite A/W 2009 collection is brewing an assortment of stories & themes, reflections of animal kingdom, inspired by american flag rules unique trousers , cheetah and zebra are prominent in this collection. Oozing with vibrant prints, black, silver, white, turquoise, pink, lemon, cobalt blue, orange, purple, red, hues...so exclusive. Obvious. Everything but short of boring. Clearly a sense 80's rock star influence can't knock it...punk affirming label gives a show inspired by five-star costuming, bold and hyper electric, color textures in a theatrical performance. A showcase of conceptual graphical and enormous talent. Ashish get's an A + for thinking outside the box and for the dramatic, classic & brilliant delivery for London Fashion Week. Give, or take a few away...I see a couple pieces I would give to add to my collection [wardrobe.] x rawk.star image. ♥ it.

♥ x styliiista x

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