Tah Mac Showcase - London, U.K

Gibson Guitar Studios (London U.K) is the premier location Tah Mac used to showcase his debut album "Welcome 2 Tahland" yesterday, February 10, 2009 and a bright choice it was indeed! Below you'll find a few peeks into last night groundbreaking performance by Tah Mac... along with his untouchable band! I'm going to find the video and post that next. Pease stay tuned as the big album release date is set for March 30, 2009... and that will be a wonderful day to uplift everyone from these recession blues! It's great to finally witness music with feeling again! That is what we need to help pull us through these tough economical times, good music and GOOD feelings again! Very lucky for all of us, that "Welcome 2 Tahland" is a musical journey all about delivering feel-good music, and it feels good to experience the perfect layering of sound, and eclectic drops of electricity... fusing funk, rock, and hiphop sounds with soul, r&b, and electro music whilst throwing in bits of reggaton is all a truly phenomenal experience. Tah Mac's delivery is charismatic and soulful, making it incredibly hard to not feel the passion and intent behind his musical journey indeed giving the audience something massive to feel... and I feel it is all about perfect timing giving us reasons to feel good about LIFE again. :) With songs like, Lonely and Give Back you will understand the 'feeling' I am speaking so highly of.

You have to respect his energy and ability to pull you into his performance and keep you there, steady with two deejays scratching behind the enveloped sounds of the bass, keyboard, drums, guitar and two anointed background singers, you really can't deny it's greatness. Video to come next. I personally feel that Tah Mac is a breath of fresh air in the genre of alternative hiphop music and think that this is what the world is missing. I am saying this from an A&R perspective (though I am not) however, I say these things with a true intention not just because I style him, or because he happens to be dear to my heart. In just a matter of time, you too will all see and appreciate for yourself just as well. Take my word. Thank you for reading. x

* Showcase & band styled by me x.

♥ x styliiista

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