Equinox Beauty

Now innovation these days seems (to me) to be very much influenced by technology and geometry. This must be the next 'big' trend for 2009-2010... Even though we have been witnessing the works of various designers already prepare collections based on this phenomena... work it *all* over the catwalks these past few seasons... Yet if we browse back into my designer Rolodex (known as 'labels') we can see this trend present in: Gareth Pugh, Sandra Backlund, Alexander Koutny, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, and Hannah Marshall just to name a few... And this this editorial seems to have a very similar influence... yet this one in particular reminds me of an equinox... very magical!


Photographer: Rui Faria
Stylist: Cynthia Laurence-John
Makeup: Kim Menzies-Easler

♥ x styliiista x

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