"Everywhere Kiss Me"

An ode to the rather consistent 1980's trend of polka-dots, denim jackets, bodysuits and leather... highlighted in April's Issue of I-D Magazine. Giles get's the gold star in this story as the headgear leader. With a soft pink Pac-man inspired helmet as the elected essence behind the building of this "Everywhere Kiss Me" editorial... There is no denying it's power to amuse the senses here. Let's see, we have a seductive fashion series to tease the imagination in curiosity to the theme. Got to ♥ the steamy headline, and the exposed skin... and my personal favorite aside from the Pac-man accessory is the lighting in the shots captured. It reminds me of a time when photographer's shot in film, rather than digital. I love the grainy effect, and the rawness of these images. It takes us back to the 80's for real, in more than just the image itself. A super thought-provoking package here. x

Photographer: Katja Rahlwe
Model: Malgosia
Stylist: Bela Mel Ottenbergin

♥ x styliiista

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