Gareth Pugh Is A Gangster

As always, I find Gareth Pugh a pacesetter in his own right and completely ahead of the curve when it comes to thinking outside of the box. He's a definite leader. Here's Pugh's comments to why he opted for a non-traditional runway show for Fall 2009: Gareth finds traditional runway shows “a little half-assed, for lack of a better word. This route is a well-trodden formula and I think it's time for a change.” Clap-Clap!! * For a more in-depth viewing of Gareth Pugh's collection you have to see the video below. After all, it is the only way it's available this season.

Here's the video that moved mountains for Paris Fashion Week:

I feel like there's a great couture exploration going on here... and I ♥ the direction, always!

Credit: Showstudio

♥ xx styliiista

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