To Love-Lust

To love-lust is to suddenly find a spectacular reason to gauge your entire attention span on one thing... even if for only a moment. Here in the beckoning of my visual obsession I bring to you... Pringle of Scotland Spring 2009 Accessories. I firmly believe that accessories are paramount to every outfit. And these (2) pieces would make my life complete... as in "i wish to add these to my wardrobe one day soon" list. I have conjured up a lovely list to remind myself that for now, I will have to just dream of them. I've learned the simple rules of purchases and I respect them. 1. Everything moves in a circle. 2. Fashion trends sometimes are simply trends and not always wearable season after season. 3. There is a time and a season for everything. So with that being said, for now, let us all simply admire Pringle of Scotland together. All together now. x

♥ x styliiista x

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