The Hunger Collection?

Paris Fashion Week is serving up wild inspirations from nature for Fall 2009 and Lie Sang Bong presents her "Hunger Collection." Bong's collection is a cross between tribal fashion and the future of super heroes. Her pieces are courageously unique. Heavily marked with prints and intricate detailing such as: laser-cut leather, dip-dyed over-sized tassels, tiger print cat suits, and gladiator strapped thigh-high platform boots... you can't get more down to the wild than impersonating a look that epitomizes "Cat Woman meets Grace Jones in 2020"... and well, take it for what it is. Wild and Costume-y. I feel these pieces would be great for film, or fashion editorial...

♥ x styliiista

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Brandi said...

Can you say...hungry like a wolf...tiger..leopard, roar!!! lol! These are wild :)