JC Castelbajac

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is one of my favorite designers. Always! His collection is once again, BOLD and charismatic. His fall 2009 runway inspires fellow designers around the globe to be daring, and try something more imaginative. After all as a designer, you set the pace for the rest of the world. Use your talents well. :) And you see that with Castelbajac, season after season he consistently nails this 'idea' to an extreme... which is why I ♥ his bravery... With this fall showcase, I get a sense that Jean-Charles is playing tribute to the late Stephen Sprouse with the graffiti-inspired print on the over-sized tee's (below). I adore the morphing of a pop-inspired tee collection of silk-screened faces. For Spring 2009, Castelbajac gave ♥ to President Barak Obama.

This season, he followed a similar montage yet opted to silkscreen the faces of: Clint Eastwood, Michael Jackson, and Andy Warhol. He went wild with the animal print and introduced his fascination for them using bunches of stuffed animals on blouse tops in cheetah fabric to out-due the cheetah print. Another stint Castelbajac used was many cartoon-ish features to his collection such as: Kermit the Frog, Elmo and even Giraffe Faces. He went on to further embellish his runway with a superimposed face of President Barak Obama on the front of a dollar bill print on the dress itself. If you can't stretch your imagination to such great lengths then what is it about 'you' that makes you a great designer? Castelbajac is one of the greatest in my opinion... x

♥ xx styliiista

p.s. yes these are my layout skills *click image to enlarge :)

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Brandi said...

I already had the pleasure of seeing this layout! This is my fav! I love that your were able to pull together your favorite looks from each show but still have it flow so naturally...almost as a collection itself! Great work :)