Paint Me With Stripes

My initial reaction to the Fall 2009 Christopher Kane collection (piece 1-6) had me feeling a bit puzzled... until I discovered these pieces further down the runway. In this, I've gathered the gist of the key trend focus for Fall 2009... interpreted beautifully by Christopher Kane. It is all about Stripes & Panels. Sheer & Block Asymmetrical Panels and Stripes. I ♥ his translation as it draws your eyes to the center of the dresses. Perfect symmetrical RTW Collection. The color suggestion is soft and feminine meshed together in angelic and striking shapes. Sheer silks overlay dark blocks, and exhibit separation with the black piping detailing. Kane's Fall collection is both bold and daring. He manages to always create outside the lines... & his impulsiveness is to simply adore.

♥ x styliiista x

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