Visionary | Video Shoot Part (1) of (3) - Tah Mac - "Give Back."

A sneak preview into the behind the scenes clips for Tah Mac's "Give Back" music video: Part (1) of (3). This is a preview of the studio green screen shots I managed to sneak... including some stills I captured from the tv monitors in the studio. I am continually excited to share my passions, and creative direction with you...These shots are obviously no where near the finished product. Yet still wanted to give you a fly peek. In addition, we've got loads of street footage [which we shot today]. And the studio concept you see below is gonna look nothing like these shots. Always leave it up to the editing. I believe editing makes [or breaks] a film, commercial or video... This record is exciting! I can't wait to show you Part (2) of (3) which was filmed today. The video in entirety captures the essence of "World Peace" the execution is quite relevant for today. Stay tuned...xx

♥ x styliiista x

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