Let Loose Video - Tah Mac

Let's bring back good music that makes people feel good all over again! This video, "Let Loose" is a super dope hiphop/rock collaboration between Tah Mac & British Guitarist Neil Sinclair [channeling a modern day Slash] Yet, in my opinion kills it with an edge that separates him from any other rock guitarist. What I appreciate most about this record is its ability to restore a global faith in feel-good hiphop classics. The message in this record is about bringing back an original recipe for GOOD music that has somehow become a lost language. The 'Let Loose' video directed & edited by Dan Dowding of Escape-Entertainment, was filmed at Venice beach in Los Angeles CA. This video is undeniably one of greatest sensations recorded this summer! Taken from the concept album "Welcome 2 Tahland" by the Brooklyn-based rap sensation, Tah mac this is a record that unites international hiphop lovers grabbing their attention and keeping them fully entertained! Attributed to the legacy of original hiphop music and wordplay, I'd say Tah Mac has a real problem on his hands! Creative direction and styling by the one and only Styliiista Enjoy! ♥ x

♥ xx Styliiista xx

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