Beautiful collaboration for Sublime Magazine's " Mirror Among The Forest" editorial. The conceptual story expresses a double mirage of mirror reflections as a prop on or around the model. The mirror image creates a a slight illusionist blur between what you think you see, and what you are actually seeing. The concept is a contrast of art and beauty and a guiding principle on it's affect on nature used to mimmick imagination for itself and the viewer. An impeccably golden series! Inspiration... ♥

Photographer: Michal Martychowiec
Photography Assistant: Jack Soilleux
Model: Taylor
Stylist: Claudia Behnke
Stylist Assistant: Louise Todd
Makeup Artist: Ken Nakano
Hair: Teiji Utsumi
Hair Assistant: Shin
Date: October 2009

Yes! It really does take a team......xxx

♥ xx Styliiista xx

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