Iconic Beauty-

Over the past few decades we've had very few fashion trendsetters come in and break the rules leaving little room for competition. When fashion icon (super model turned disco queen) Grace Jones surfaced (in the early 70's and late 80's) with an androgynous, provocative, and daring style - rarely is that something easily forgotten. Let us not forget that before Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Rihanna, there was Grace Jones! Paired up with super illustrator/photographer/director Jean-Paul Goude Miss Jones influenced fashion designers, artists (muse of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring) and inspired fashion trends world-wide. Grace Jones style mission was to implement avant garde fashion as an extension of her music, in which that image quickly became her label. Grace Jones is no doubt a trendsetter of her era - with a rare gender-bending and iconic style not easy to duplicate! Let us pay homage to the true Lady Gaga. Grace Jones is the original. ♥ x

Grace Jones: Amazing!

Grace Jones: "Living My Life" Cover

Grace Jones: 1980's James Bond days

Grace Jones: 1980 [one of my favorite looks!] ♥

Grace Jones: 1983 Grammy's

Grace Jones: 1984

Grace Jones: 1985 [wearing an anthropomorphic bustier top by Thierry Mugler ]

Grace Jones: 1980's

Grace Jones: 1985 New York Party

Grace Jones: 1985

Grace Jones: Statements 1980's

Grace Jones 1980's

Grace Jones with: Prince Egon Von Furstenberg in 1978 at the YSL Opium launch party @ Studio 54

Grace Jones: 1979

Grace Jones: 1979 [wearing a cut out cardboard, graphic geometric 80's ensemble.]

Grace Jones: "Portfolio" Cover

Grace Jones: early 80's breaking fashion barriers:

Grace Jones: Andy Warhol 80's

Grace Jones: early 80's?

Grace Jones: late 70's?

Grace Jones: Super Hero (80's)

Grace Jones: 1970's:

Grace Jones: Liberty Tango (Video) 80's

Grace Jones: 1980's & FLY!

Grace Jones - setting trends once again! (80's?)

Grace Jones: Fame (front cover) 1970's

Grace Jones: Fame [back cover] 70's

Grace Jones: In amazing feather head piece by: Milliner Philip Treacy

Grace Jones: late 1980's

Grace Jones: In tribal body paint (Keith Haring RIP) for a 1985 nightclub performance.

Grace Jones: early 90's

Grace Jones: Classic!

Grace Jones: Mid 80's

Grace Jones: ♥ the cape/snood 1970's

Grace Jones: style revolutionary

Grace Jones: Super Woman

Grace Jones: Phenomenal.Classic late 70's?

Grace Jones: nude & trendsetting 1980's

Grace Jones: Queen of Androgyny!

♥ xo Styliiista xo


lauragray said...

Wow! the style are so great and love them all outfit.

Actually I'm looking and searching for more styling, because I'm also a fashion stylist.

once again thank you for posting this blog.

Styliiista said...

of course! thank you for reading!! i posted more imagery. xx