L'Homage To 70's Style Icon

As the world of fashion evolves, rarely do (most) people pay homage to the ones that came before us. Style icon, rock star and legend, Deborah Harry of (70's/80's rock group Blondie) is one of the original female rock stars to push the envelope of style and break the mold of fashion trends in the 70's & 80's. She has influenced musicians and celebrities over the past couple decades such as: Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson, Lady Gaga, supermodel Agnes Deyn, Kate Moss and Actress Lindsey Lohan, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. As we've clearly seen modern variations of vintage Debbie Harry and her fashion influence throughout several decades following these golden era's. Let us not forget 'Harry' and her role in making fashion history. ♥

♥ XX Styliiista XX

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