Project White T-Shirt LA:

Whilst some designers obtain worldly recognition for their renowned fashion line, there are many independent designers with rare concepts in niche markets, that deserve global awareness for their cutting edge interpretation. Project White T-Shirt combines a wide array of 31 designers from 13 countries that come together for a common goal, to re-design the classic 'white tee shirt.' I absolutely ♥ that this has become a bit of a movement, supporting Designers Against Aids, and becoming a worldly recognized art exhibition. The great news is, we as fashion purveyors get an opportunity to discover what makes each of these designers 't-shirt' transformations so special. Project White T-Shirt is coming to LA!

Project White T-Shirt: Opening Reception
Saturday, December 19th 2009.
Address: 451 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For more information: visit Project White T-Shirt Website.

Not only will those that get a chance to experience this event get a chance to see what new silhouettes are to be expected for 2010, and beyond, we'll all have a keen idea firsthand on all of the fresh t-shirt shapes, from all 31 international designers, that will surely have an effect on a turning point for style, somewhat of a revolution. What better then finding unorthodox ways to create new layers of inspiration. ♥ x

One of my favorite designers from Reykjavik, Iceland: Aftur "Recycle or Die" [slogan]

*Source: TrendHunter

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