80's Style A La Mode

Lately I've been giving loads of coverage on 70's and 80's style icons. As a trend purveyor, there are a myriad of reasons to feature visuals from the early trendsetters as they play a vital role in the future of fashion. Lisa Bonet [as Denise Huxtable] from the wonderful 80's sitcom The Huxtables was a fearless style icon of her days. As a child, I wanted to be her. I am seeing this late 80's early 90's style spin right back around (especially with European trendsetters forward fashion) and I am completely enthused by the re-emergence of the Denise Huxtable character of nomad and gypsy style fashion! With the wave of this iconic trend surfacing, you can place your bets on the resurgence of the asymmetrical patterned Cosby sweaters, they are next! ♥ x

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♥ XO Styliiista XO


Gaby and Jane said...

I loved Denise!! I have been watching these old episodes lately and have been so inspired - glad someone else is excited by it!


Styliiista said...

Denise was the epitome of what i wanted to be when I grew up. Her style was unconventionally sexy. I get excited when I receive feedback as wonderful as yours "Gaby & Jane" thank you for the support & the follow! XX