RIP Couture ICON Lee McQueen

♥ May Your Spirit Live On...Lee McQueen:

Every human being inspired by the world of fashion will certainly feel a void, as the recent passing of Alexander McQueen came quite suddenly. What on earth will happen next season in Paris (& the future of fashion week) -- and on all of the future fashion runways? I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the entire fashion community is broken up about now. How on earth can we move forward without the brilliance and beauty that Alexander McQueen brought to every season effortlessly? The show must go on... but will it continue to engage the same impact? McQueen was a phenomenon. To leave this world (as we know it) at such a young age, having lived at the paramount stages of your career, world renowned as one of the most rebelliously amazing couture designers that ever lived is quite an accomplishment. I look forward to the tribute to Lee McQueen on the next season runway's. RIP couture genius Alexander McQueen. Thank you for impacting my heart, and touching the spirit of fashion. His memory and eternal inspiration will live forever. XxXxXxXxXxX ♥

My most favorite runway show of all time of every season. :(

♥ X Styliiista X

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