Onto The Western Front

Hannah MacGibbon
open's up Paris Fashion Week with a rather ambitious approach. She exceeds meeting the expected design form [needle point tailoring and sleek design functions] to begin a fresh chapter in "Chloe History." In moving forward and onward onto the Western World, MacGibbon literally takes bits of the western hemisphere [middle America] fusing inspiration from per say the late 80's. I will save you the boring "opinion" of my dislikes on what didn't move me. Here's what I was able to pull as positives in the Chloe A/W 2010 collection... I personally am not very fond of the "western point of view" for Chloe.

♥ Styliiista xxx

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Bran R* said...

I always love your opinion!!! I also love your eye for fashion! The way you've displayed your favorites is fabulous! Bravo :)