Jewel Tone Juxtaposition

As a stylist, brought on board and strictly outsourced from America, working with such a uniquely in-demand market in South Asia is a dream come true. In the midst of obtaining my Indian Visa, and a few American holidays interference the delays in sorting the Visa in time for our scheduled project, added a second plot to the original plan. Thus, leading to a once in a lifetime opportunity of styling a music video remotely from LA. Eager to expand my network, and openly obliging, I found myself on an intriguing journey full of rich culture, and a crystal clear perspective on international brand development. This experience in short, has already become life-changing. Thus leading to my December travel plans to Mumbai to finish some of the work we've already started.  

In staying true to an amalgamation of both Western American and South Asian sensibilities, I chose to delve into my own fashion-forward bliss of unchartered waters and unlimited brand-building imagination. With a goal in mind to develop a unique platform for my client centering around her Indian and UK demographic to bring commercial appeal to her music. In the midst of a transformative rebrand, it is about fostering a fresh approach that embraces the clothing staples of Indian fashion, yet with an original vision. Creatively, I handpicked my most favorite silhouettes, colors, and styles that I'd love to watch dominate the next season.

With a strong eye for American presentation, I opted for beautifully tailored jackets with sharp lines, and strikingly bold native prints as the strength of look #3. Equally inspired by floral tones, voluminous elements and contrasting black color to evoke a "powerful" message not only through voice, but color. The importance in mind of transitioning from a golden-goddess approach from look #2 - and moving into an edgier, more contrasting style, leaves room for the most creativity and imagination. 

Essentially motivated by pop culture, and vintage 90's oversized patterns, I wanted her final look to complete the series with a slight androgynous inspiration. Feeling moved by the obvious menswear moments of the Spring Summer 2013 Indian runways - lead me to an ultra edgy introduction of sheer sex-appeal. One of the most feminine ways to re-work a boxy menswear silhouette, is to pair it with the right peek of skin. In this case, sheer leggings shall be quite paramount. 

With a completely individual artist vision combining fashion looks #1, 2, and 3, and a stellar rebrand package, we are more than set to launch her product for the new year. With the help of copious amounts of resources, it feels brilliant to see my work unfold into the creative and strategic journey that will ultimately help define my client's voice. The adventure continues, and I anticipate sharing the coming chapter of what's next for the transformation.


Styliiista x

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