Gucci ♥ !

Oh Gucci! My ♥ ! yes, it's about that time that I revisit the adoring thing (mentioned in one of my previous blogs.) Well, how could my ♥ for Gucci increase? Let's see, the Spring/Summer 2009 hotness, they call "Gucci Catwalk" offers so many fashion goodies. How could one not nearly collapse from all the inspiration? According to Gucci, it's all about flooding trouser pants and stacked platforms. Gucci is such a trendsetter. The collection is simple, but (as always) elegantly put together. The fierceness awaits! (just scroll down).

The choice of color scheme is super rocking! Who has a favorite? (personally, it's too much for me to choose just one. But if I can pick (5), then we're talking...)

I ♥ the satin dresses with the bowed belt, super HOT! So is the flow of those sexy dresses. I'm pretty certain that any woman shape can pull off the cropped mini floral dresses.) Which have to feel like butter on. Just look at all the movement!

The metallic stacked platforms with the buckled ankle strap are so genius! I love how they're incorporated into the runway looks. Yet, the problem (in my opinion) is these platforms are just too tall, like where are you going to be able to wear them? A photo shoot? To dinner? It's a challenge to look so fly now isn't it?! (*smile*)

♥ xox styliiista

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