Gathering At The Seams...

We like to think of crotch gathering, as a *big* welcome back to the 1980's! (Well most of us that is). I like to say thank you, Chloe` for thinking so carefully about this flashback in a more sophisticated, and less shoulder pad driven kind of way. When I think of 80's jumpsuits, I think of loud prints in cotton candy colors, and too much focus around the thigh region. This collection, however, is a step ahead of the ordinary 80's glorified sportswear approach. It's tasteful, delicate and soft. Showing warm expressions of Peachy keen, Cream, Beaumont, Olive and Bluebell for Spring 2009.

All in all, filled with fashion forward ideas like ruffles for instance, which focus on femininity. A darling collection, represented by British designer Hannah MacGibbon. Affecting my sudden change of heart, and succeeding in helping me re-think my opinion about too much gathering at the seams, in a more amorous kind of way. I'm really stuck on the short pantsuits in black, and the paper-bag waist red leather shorts. A very profound way to strike an award for originator, in contrast the plethora of platform shoes and flowing gowns I've seen Spring/Summer 2009 runway. This one, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Why, well let's just say, cause it's a trendy and hip way to wear something a step away from couture sportswear. And how about that, for unique?

♥ xx styliiista

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