Star Wars!

Star Wars was the very thing that Louise Goldin stole inspiration from for Spring 2009. Captured from her remote science studies here on this little land called earth. It was her undying love for space, that gave Goldin reason for creating something so absolute. As a knitwear designer, she plays her collection so brilliantly. Using sheer layers that channel white, creme` and ice blue. Her skintight catsuits and dresses exaggerated with broadened shoulders form like an exoskeleton, and might I add, are all knitted. I admire Goldin's bravery to constantly create outside the lines. There's something so bazaar, and astonishing about new age designers. I'm beginning to think, they are taking over... And my studies (below) will show you reasons why.

Once again, Goldin pulls out her magical impact for Spring to penetrate the imagination down to the core. Goldin is confident and explosive in her direction, which gives her such credibility as a design genius. The very last look is my absolute favorite. The waist ruffle is what I'm seeing a lot of London designers showcase for Spring/Summer 2009. Goldin's technique is by far the most inventive I've seen.

♥ x styliiista

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