Curiousity Killed The Kat

So, what if curiosity really killed the kat? That would give us traces of 80's velour cheetah print bodysuits and super bad 90's outfits worn by the fuggliest hipsters. But wait, take the Southern cheetah craze, mistaken for luxury, and to simultaneously help women gain some kind of groove back. Sad but true. It kind of makes me no longer despise the cheetah signatory 'fad' pieces that just won't disappear! (okay, I'm joking) Now back to Kane and his Spring Kat antics, he somehow reaches again for something so far outside the box people don't quite know how to grasp his vision. Yet, I can't help but follow Christopher, like a trend groupie looking for the next HOT, big thing! But can you blame me?

Sure, maybe Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2009 line is right up there with space Odyssey imagination. And slightly prehistoric in his version of couture. Yes, Kane is obviously obsessed with 3-D scales and organza tea leaves, (in the shapes of giant bubbles.) But above all his British innovation can't be denied. Peep these towering platform shoes. Perhaps his intention is to act like a Tyrannosaurus Rex and stomp all over the little fish in his giant pond of inspiration! Whatever it may be, the super-imposing of a modern Flintstones with a touch of George Jetson on the runway, didn't turn out half bad. (Even if it's a bit 2032 from a mainstream perspective.) I ♥ the kat for creating such curiosity in us fashion purveyors.

Yet in Christopher Kane's individual sarcasm, why not crown him 'genius?' I'm all for those that take the uncommon and slightly dogmatic route to reach 'pacesetter' status. He makes me want to mysteriously get my hands on his sketch book. So I can take top secret pictures, and steal a bit of history. Let's just face it, Kane is clearly 10+ light years ahead. And who doesn't love a leader? How can he be denied in all of this storytelling excellence?

♥ x styliiista

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