Pretty in Pink, Fiery in Red...

Please don't ask me why I'm pairing an example of a red and a pink shoe. Because I will give you a sarcastic response like, "because I can." As you may know, I am a purveyor of Chloe. And Chloe Spring 2009 is starting something so darling I had to share the love. Take for instance the Suzie Sandal with Lacquered Heel below.... I want to lace it up my leg and never take it off. I'd even shower in this shoe. okay, with the shower off. lol!

Then what about the FIRE engine red sandal with black patent ankle strap with a dainty little bow tie. How vampy, yet girlie. I love that Chloe Spring 2009 *isn't* about platforms. But is all about the lacquered heel... besides, it's about the arch of the foot in the shoe that matters most. (*wink*)

♥ xo styliiista

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