Something of A Phenomenon!

Japan's newly successful label "Dressscamp" has a new non-japanese designer unveiling a sugary surprise for Tokyo Design Week 2009. Marjan Pejoski, muse and conceptual design hero with a stunning first time collection for TDW. I am in awe, with these two pieces! Pejoski's design inspiration comes from two things. One, French artist Théodore Géricault's famous shipwreck painting Frigate de Meduse. As well as fantasy and mythology. According to Pejoski, "the runway collection is a story about a shipwreck a story of Ulyssses and the Sirens and an intimate underworld." (which is why he had the show in a small salon.) we'll touch back about this dynamic topic very soon....

Here's the inspirational painting for the collection above by artist Théodore Géricault whose controversial painting, Frigate de Meduse represents one of the icons of French Romanticism and comes from the historical "raft of the medusa" incident in 1818 took place. The artist Théodore created this painting at age 25.

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