Tilt Your Hat...

Raspberry Berets? Er, not quite. But beret's are still a perfect accessory to liven up your pantsuits and contemporary attire with a bit of Parisian edge. I prefer the sparkly ones. What else would one expect. I am a super girlie girl, that loves shiny things that twinkle when you move. Sonya Rykiel sets off Paris Fashion Week Spring 2009 with glitz and glamour with her 97 piece parade! And the bells of the balls it was! There were hundreds of roses that dropped on the catwalk... turning over a new leaf of direction for her artistic show.. A big event, as we can only imagine... right?

Love the hair & the cocoon ruffle skirt...

the only swim-wear inspired piece I've seen in the collection. very st.tropez!

This isn't a runway show.. it's a party... and I missed it. lol

♥ xo styliiista

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