Adorned For The 80's!

"The Bangles" were a big pop group from the 1980's and it seems that TopShop Unique has definitely taken it there... The vintage-remixed collection is on a roll for retro and pulls from the 1980's POP scene. This runway collectively showcases part 'western' with colorful ankle and mid calf cowboy boots and acid wash denim jumpers... Karen Bonser pulls design influences from London's kitschy fifties era with the flouncy bow-tie headwraps and odd-shaped business suits (which I've left out purposely)... however, there is no doubt that there is something to be said about the choice of faded color on deck and the two-toned denim in pink and turquoise... One word children, "FLASHDANCE!" It definitely takes us back... and yes, this is great... London has a such a creative lead on fashion design and trend spotting. It feels good to be able to witness the bounty firsthand, while I'm in London - presently. Here's my Topshop Unique favorites from the show's vintage-inspired lineup.

| Adorable + Youthful | who doesn't love ♥ 's ?

I DARE you! (*wink*) (*wink*) I want her headband!

Baby blue & gray denim shirt dress, this is too cute!

My kind of sporty attire | a dress cinched at the waist with zippers + cropped extra short |

One of my favorite's in the whole collection! Love this print...

| Heart O' meter anyone? |

I like this sweater look....

Hot body-conscious dress with cut-out shoulders.. I want this piece!

Two words: Shoulders & Hips! Poppin!!!

♥ xx styliiista

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