Current Obession: Gloves

It's wintertime, yes. So let's dress up our hands and wrists in some of the sexiest leathers out there in the world of adornment. Speaking of adorn, I adore the scoop gloves adorned to my hand so much it almost hurts. I picked up two of the hottest pairs in London, one in black, and another in fuschia (snap button) that I will be taking pictures of to show off, because I'm actually some place for the winter season that relies on warm things, in order to maintain comfort in the day to day. Hello New York! Soon to be off visiting Seattle, and then Vancouver B.C. And I have the perfect hand accessories. Here are some of my favorites!

Black scoop leather gloves:

Black thumb-less finger gloves:

Black scoop gloves with strap:

Black scoop gloves with rhinestones: ♥ ♥ ♥

Candy colored opera gloves: soooo fly!! (I have a chocolate brown pair.)

♥ x styliiista x

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