Trend Alert: Goth-thing.

We are now, almost entering a "goth-thing" season, yet during the peak of our new little goth adventure, you will notice something different. Subtle. (unlike the horrible 90's goth-thing) NOW, the trend has a new edge, influences like cindy lauper and madonna circa 1987 play a major role in the revamping of this interesting goth comeback. I am a fan of the rock-inspired goth look. It actually makes me quite pleased knowing that we can take an (overdone) trend of the past, and re-create the look into something more brilliant, meaningful, without looking like someone lost in a time warp. This new season, for Spring & Fall 2009, it's all about mixing and matching styles. You should try it. Then email me photo's. Show me your 'interpretation'... that would be a hot-it-fied way to get on my soon to come, "HOT look of the week" blog. :)

Vivienne Westwood jacket + skirt, very seductive detective-esque. I ♥ the look.

Cage skirt + top by Acne: I need the skirt, badly.

Asturo Tayama Dress in cobalt blue, one of my current favorite colors!

♥ xx styliiista

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