Evolution Spin

Alexander McQueen is a super genie that welds a futuristic juxtaposition to create balance between new technology and the primitive world...And his Spring 2009 show is a rare stage of characteristics one could find in theatrical production. First, highlights of an evolving earth show brightly on a screen projector with a narrative voice on the other end. Then on the stage you see stuffed animals of all sorts: elephant, lion, giraffe, and polar bear among other endangered species... What I get from the show is that McQueen has a deep seated purpose and intention behind the kind of impact he wants to leave as everyone exits the show. And I ♥ the feeling of watching the models move cautiously down the runway like a futuristic species of human...because in some ways they appear very goddess like. Ethereal.Yes, I am *amazed*...and truly admiring the mind behind the conjuring of such a design phenomenon. Interestingly, I am super inspired by animal prints (as in tiger & gorilla portraits) bright florals (vintage) and the color gold right now. This couture collection by McQueen is taking my breath away. As well, a perfect time to mention the previous blog on Alexander and the crystal encrusted madness. You *must* see the video below!!!

jodhpurs ♥ !

♥ !

oooh laaa laa!

cocoon dress so hot! (British design)

another beautiful print & shape

metallic cocoon dress, to die for!

crystal-encrusted cocoon shape dress. wow!

& another 1... + the shoes!

and another piece...

p.s. don't forget to see the video: this collection deserves justice.

♥ x styliiista x

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