♥ La Balenciaga

Of all of the razzle & dazzle rage of Spring 2009, led predictably by Balenciaga, there is no doubt why Nicolas Ghesquière receives all of the notoriety. With an explosion of iridescent colors, sparkly and matte, he chose to focus on light and how it reflects (& absorbs) through the textures of his collection. Ghesquière paints on silvered Lurex onto models legs, hands, and feet, creating a montage between futuristic prisms of color and modern spectrum's of light. Its the spring palette draped together in beams of pewter, gold, pink, silver, and green in sequened textures that I love the most! This collection is part sci-fi, part futuristic, and undeniably all about new technology. Yes it's so, that Balenciaga delivers this season! Although I've previously touched on this topic...see, "Balenciaga shoes (spring 2009)" It's now time to discuss the shapes of the innovative Balenciaga collection... Ghesquière's choice of color is sensational... and has a touch of fantasy, which I adore.

k lovies, I'm a size '9' if you want to surprise me. haa!
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