Goo Goo 4 Gaga?

If any of you are music enthusiasts that have been hearing a lot of buzz about Lady Gaga, wondering what her story is... we may be sharing the same mind. I've explored samples of her frequencies as an artist, and she is quite talented and learned to play the piano by ear at age four. By age 13 she was writing her own songs. She writes all of her own music... and has developed a very big following for herself. I'm feeling the musical category she reps as pop fused with electro pop, and I dig all sounds electronic and eclectic. One thing I appreciate about her as a musician is that she works hard. I give praise to all woman that work *hard* to accomplish things that many of us don't have the determination, confidence, or will to. I am inspired by her look as a whole, I believe image is important. It is the biggest selling point we have. Whether or not she has a stylist, is obsolete because from a fashion perspective, her message is coming through. High fashion makes the world go 'round. Your thoughts?

I have been musing over the patent leather stiletto ballet platforms for quite some time now. Her gloves are so fierce and the accessories are totally on point. She reps these looks well!

♥ x styliiista


M* said...

i like how she came full throttle when making her debut! no mediocre ish.

hair, sstyle, dance music, singing capabilities

Chins Wonda-Land said...

Me like too, I think she dresses DOPE, But I can't stand her voice, like her music kinda but don't like her tone dunno what it is!!!!