Invasion of Style

Topshop London Spring 2009 is a collaboration of pop-influenced retro fashion and oozing with style. Topshop has a way of glorifying pop culture and it's influence on trends around the world. In the many era's of fashion coming and going, and coming right back around again, we all can witness how this movement has become a springboard to our own individual style consciousness. As for Topshop, there's a direction and an intention behind these trend choices. Think of pop culture merged with contemporary individualism. Take for instance, the spaced out platform heels, sportswear & harem pants dressed up with platforms and contemporary pieces like jackets and waist belts. There's an essence of van halen rock chic, inspired by trends of the late 80's and early 90's, acid wash skinnies, cropped trousers with zipper stripes, fringed booties another late 70's early 80's trend, then a trend that's been moving strong for several seasons pay close attention to the disco, and graphic prints, as they come in body conscious asymmetrical sihlouettes, with the return of one of my favorite fabrics: jersey. Jersey worn as sportswear. Think: jane fonda 1980 yet modern in edge. I always ♥ & support Topshop, not only because it's super forward, but because Topshop has something for every style, shape, and almost every body type. As a designer, I know that mastering that technique can be a challenge.

♥ x styliiista x

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