Of Iceberg's Spring 2009 runway, I pulled my top picks which I felt are the most cohesive in the collection, and of course the hottest ones. I get a sense that Balenciaga played a strong part in inspiration here. Iceberg has completely immersed me with awe as I am all for the superhero effect. It's like you must be a strong force in the world of understanding fashion to be able to pull off these pieces. Ahem, I think it would suit Iceberg's best interest to hunt down Beyonce` to work this campaign. I feel like it needs a bit of a push. (Perhaps they both do.) Hence, the metallic structured pieces, the capes, the jumpsuits, and the floral's could fit Beyonce`s look quite impeccably. Why is nobody acting on this? It leads me to think that even though I would put her in the musical 'trendsetter' category, I'm just not sure why her style can't be AS influential? Okay, so wait, this post is intended to be about Superhero's and Iceberg, so perhaps what I'm saying is that Beyonce` is in some ways a Superhero, so why isn't she wearing this collection? Can someone please help this woman?! Or Iceberg?

♥ xox styliiista

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