Antonio Berardi's collection for Paris Fashion Week... is in sync with various global trends... pay close attention to the scaly fashion trend slowly emerging for Fall 2009. Notice the first few frames of Berardi's collection and you will see why I am swooning over the range of beauty! Not only are there fragments of 'scaly-inspired fashion' but there are many key elements for A/W 2009 trends present here. With added emphasis on the expansion in the shoulder region, such as the box shoulders. As well focus around the waistline ever-present, there is loads of structured tailoring to create form-fitting garments, such as the high-waist trousers. I'm noticing a lot of girth around the neckline as well... gathering and pleats, folded layers of fabric pressed neatly against the shoulders to create over-pompous shapes which I find utterly brilliant. Everything about it is to adore... xoxo!

♥ x styliiista x

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