Helmets Rule For Fall

Paris Fashion Week highlighted plenty of rave for A/W 2009 and Karl Lagerfeld tends to be one source I'd like to accredit. Lagerfeld opted to give us a glance at his A/W 2010 sequence and oh the pure radiance exhibited in this collection! One unforgettable neck turner happens to be the choice of accessories in this line up. Lagerfeld's accessories were a key focus this season.... And the 'fur helmets' take the cake for almost the most imaginative and ruling factor for Fall 2009. Giles (Spring 2009) opted for a similar interpretation yet his reminded me more of 'pac man'. I ♥ the over-accentuated modern war feeling as it relates to super hero's... this happens to be one of the most refreshing angles I've seen for Paris F/W.

♥ xox styliiista

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